Press Briefing

Frog Bikes – Press Briefing

Frog Bikes – the lightweight Kid’s bike manufacturer - produces the leading lightweight kid’s bike sold through independent bike stores.  Its success is down to a top quality product at a keen price, sold by enthusiastic and knowledgeable Frog stores who fit each bike to the individual child.

Lightweight bikes are more fun to ride – it’s the first thing that people notice when they pick up a Frog Bike – they are incredibly light.  This means that kids find them easier to ride and just more fun!  Frog bikes don’t get left in the garage or the garden, they are treasured childhood possessions

Easier to learn on – The same lightweight design makes Frog Bikes easier to learn on.  Every parent wants to give their child the freedom and enjoyment of cycling but most make the mistake of buying a heavy bike and fitting stabilisers – this holds their kids back, sometimes for years.  Frog Bikes are light enough to make learning to ride easy and fun – just take a look at our Twitter and Facebook feeds (@frogbikes /frogbikes). 

Child specific design – many kids’ bikes save cost by using adult components such as brake levers and cranks.  This makes the bikes really hard for kids to use, they can’t pedal properly, their fingers aren’t long enough to easily reach the brakes and the riding position is too aggressive.  At Frog Bikes we know that kids are not just small adults, they have different proportions and the bike should reflect this.  Kids find Frog Bikes more comfortable to sit on and much easier to use.

Q-Factor - In order to stay ahead of the competition Frog Bikes has been sponsoring research at Brunel University into bike fit for kids.  The results include the more comfortable riding position and reduced Q-Factor (the gap between the pedals). Most kids’ bikes use adult gaps which leave kids’ legs splayed to left and right as they cycle. A reduced Q-Factor is unique to Frog Bikes and makes the bikes easier to pedal.  The patented cranks, which deliver the reduced Q-Factor, were designed for Frog Bikes by Dimitris Katsanis – designer of the legendary Team GB track bikes.

Stop Press – new factory in Wales.  Frog Bikes  started assembling the majority of their bikes in Wales from 2016, including the popular Union Jack design.